Month: April 2021

Treating Drug Addiction with Drugs – Does Medication-Assisted Addiction Treatment Actually Work?

Opioid addiction has been a growing problem in the United States, both through legal and illegal forms of the drug. In 2016, roughly 64,000 people died of opioid overdoses – a number that surpasses the causalities from the Vietnam and Iraq wars combined. There’s no doubt that opioids are an issue in America, and one…
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Alcohol Rehab 101: Know the Difference Between Good Friends & Bad Influences

Whether you’re in the process of recovering from alcohol addiction or considering breaking the habit, you’ve likely come across the advice that having a dependable support group is necessary to recovery. After all, when you attempt to fight addiction yourself, it can easily feel like a losing battle. With people to help you, they can…
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Work Med Drug Testing – Why Should You Screen Employees?

Employers have the responsibility of maintaining a safe workplace, both for their customers and employees. Depending on the industry, many different factors can contribute to workplace safety, such as proper training, security, and following work-specific safety standards. However, no matter what type of jobs come through a workplace, there is one safety concern that all…
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Make a Relapse Prevention Plan & Protect Yourself

Anyone that has suffered from drug or alcohol addiction knows that maintaining sobriety is a daily battle and that you will face many challenges as a recovering addict. Consequently, you’ll never be 100% invulnerable to the threat of a relapse, which is why you must do everything you can to protect yourself against this potential…
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How Long Does Cocaine Stay in Your System?

How long does cocaine stay in your system? As a fast-acting stimulant, cocaine does not remain in the body much longer than the high it produces. While intense, cocaine stimulation generally only lasts between fifteen minutes to an hour, depending on a combination of factors. Cocaine levels in the blood remain at peak level for…
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The Dangers of Mixing Adderall and Weed

While Adderall is intended as a prescription drug, and weed is a recreational substance, there is a growing trend to take them in tandem. While many people who do so tout that the combination is safe, scientific evidence has come to show that these two drugs – much like any other use of multiple substances…
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Does Marijuana Kill Brain Cells?

The correlation between smoking weed and a person’s IQ has long been a subject of debate. In the current political environment of legalization discussions and arguments, this belief is no doubt one that pushes to restrict marijuana use as a recreational drug. As marijuana depresses certain neurotransmitters to create the sensation of a high, it…
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Chemical Dependency VS. Substance Abuse

What is chemical dependency? Chemical dependence is when over time, the brain and body grow accustomed to having a particular substance in their system.