Day Treatment Program


The day treatment program at Pomarri outpatient services is a great, safe alternative to going in-patient for substance abuse treatment. Because Pomarri has a medical staff that has specialized in substance abuse and mental health, we can safely detox an individual that may be struggling with substance abuse along with any health related issues. This can be completed while they are in our day-treatment program. This allows our clients to get the treatment they need while staying connected to their life outside of Pomarri.

Day treatment clients will come to our drug treatment center in Orem, Utah location Mon- Fri from 11 – 3:30. During this time they will be actively engaged in our medical treatment program. This allows our clients to develop strategies to improve their health and physical wellness, independence and to build healthy relationships with family and friends.

Our Day treatment program would be appropriate for:

-Patients who are leaving residential treatment and need a step down.
-Patients coming from the ER or who have been discharged from a detox program.
-Patients struggling with active substance abuse.
-Patients that cannot leave their responsibilities and have been medically cleared to do an outpatient detox program.


-Drug and Alcohol Relapse Prevention
-Life Skills
-How to Recognize, Confront and Handle Triggers
-Health and Nutritional Study
-Family and Relationship Education
-Continuing Care
-Anger Management/Domestic Violence
-Relaxation and Meditation Skills
-Phases of Recovery
-Deactivation of Cravings
-Dangerous Situations
-Having Good Times without Substances
-Thought Distortions
-Coping with Pain and Prescription Medications
-Preparing for Stressful Situations
-Assessing your Social Life
-Stress Management/Distress Tolerance Skills
-Neurobiological aspects of the Brain and Addiction
-Looking Ahead: Plans, Goals, and Dreams
-Issues of the Recovering Family
-Anger Management
-Anxiety/Social Anxiety
-Self-Esteem and Acceptance
-Diet and Nutrition
-Grief and Loss
…and so much more!

Placement level will be determined during our assessment process.

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