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About Pomarri Drug Rehab & Addiction Center

Drug rehabilitation seeks to support people experiencing issues with addiction, paving a route to a recovery that lasts. The treatment is suitable for a wide range of substance abuse issues, and is also known for its efficacy in providing a lasting solution for problems such as alcohol dependency.

Pomarri is a Utah drug and alcohol rehab center, offering a high quality of services to people across the region. We believe that, with the right support, all addictions can be overcome, and have sought to develop a program that offers genuine recovery from a wide range of addiction issues.

Our services are designed to be as convenient to access as possible. When seeking assistance from an alcohol or drug addiction center, many people believe that assistance is only available via inpatient programs. At Pomarri, we disagree, and have sought to provide the same quality of care as inpatient programs, but delivered on an outpatient basis. At present, we offer a complete range of rehabilitation options, including dedicated services for medical detox, as well as for pregnant women.

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About Draper, Utah

Draper is a city that has seen huge growth over the past three decades. Located in southeastern Salt Lake and Utah counties, the town has bloomed from a population of just 7,143 in 1990, to – at the time of the 2010 census – 42,274.

Local area
In terms of climate, the city is slightly warmer than many neighboring regions, with dry winters and temperature extremes more commonly seen.
Draper is located in the southeast corner of Salt Lake Valley, and is surrounded by Wasatch Mountain Range to the east and the Traverse Ridge Mountain on the south. As a result, the city is spectacularly picturesque, with sweeping plains and mountain views visible across the region.

Due to its close mountain proximity, Draper has garnered a reputation for wind sports, such as paragliding and hang-gliding. Mountain-related pursuits, such as hiking, are also popular tourist activities available in the area, while the Alpine Loop Road is known for providing spectacular fall foliage that draws a huge number of visitors every year.

The nearby South Willow Creek made Draper of particular interest to the pioneers, with the first settlers – Ebenezer Brown and his family – arrived in 1849. By 1852, the creek and surrounding areas were home to 20 families in total, and the name “Draperville” was soon established. This, in time, became shortened to just “Draper”.

By the 1940s, Draper had established a reputation for egg production, and the poultry business was vitally important for much of Draper’s mid-20th-century history. This changed in the 1990s when the population began to grow.

Modern Draper relies on the nearby Utah State Prison, rather than traditional agriculture, for its work; the prison employs over 1,000 Draper residents, making it by far the largest employer in the city. Second to the prison is contact lens manufacturer 1-800 Contacts, a nationwide firm that employs over 500 residents, all of whom work at the company’s headquarters in the city.