Becoming comfortable with emotions and thoughts

Becoming comfortable with emotions and thoughts

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Last week, we talked about vulnerability and how to experience true happiness and joy, we must also experience pain and suffering. We must be willing to become vulnerable.

Sometimes, however, disturbing thoughts or feelings may come into our minds. There is an unlimited range of what these feelings or thoughts may say. They may say, “you are not good enough”, “you are not pretty enough”,”you are a horrible mother/father”, “you deserve every horrible thing that happens to you”, and almost any horrible or frightening thing that you can imagine. What you need to recognize is that these are just thoughts and emotions; they have no control over you.

Many thoughts run through our mind.Some we are not responsible for and others we are. Some of these thoughts are good and uplifting and others are awful and degrading. Sometimes we listen to the more awful and degrading thoughts because they tend to demand more attention. This makes us vulnerable because then we feel bad, sad, or angry. Sometimes these thoughts are past experiences, past mistakes, insecurities, or something someone said to you.

This three minute video, although cheesy, describes well what it is like to have all these thoughts and feelings and how to become comfortable with them. Internal Hijackers
Remember that you are in control, just because you have a horrible and degrading thought or emotion does not mean that you have to let it take control of your life. Acknowledge the thought or feeling, then ignore it and move on with your life.

Let yourself be vulnerable, take you life back! You control your own destiny! Stay Strong!

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