Drug Rehab Center Near Salt Lake City

Drug Rehab Center Near Salt Lake City

According to the United States National Survey on Drug Use and Health, nearly 50 million Americans 12 and older battle substance abuse disorders every year. Once addiction turns to recovery, the journey transforms from a relentless struggle against dependency to finding a beacon of light and hope. 

Whether you or a loved one is struggling with addiction to alcohol, prescription pills, or another type of chemical dependency, seeking help from a professional rehab center offers a clear path to sobriety and recovery. While some may think of drug rehab as requiring levels of isolation from the outside world, our recovery programs allow clients to continue their normal life routines while learning coping mechanisms that address the root causes of addiction. 

At Pomarri Substance Abuse Recovery Center, our certified mental health and substance abuse professionals are here to provide comprehensive and compassionate care that is tailored to meet your needs. Our drug rehab center near Salt Lake City treats a wide range of drug addictions through evidenced-based treatments while being holistically mindful of our clients’ well-being.


About Drug Addiction

Maybe you are noticing that your habits and thoughts are controlled by opioids, muscle relaxants, or another drug. Perhaps you are recognizing the telltale signs of addiction in a loved one’s behavior. Recovery begins by recognizing the warning signs of addiction:

  • An overpowering urge to use the preferred drug, often at set times or multiple times daily.
  • Failed attempts to cease drug use.
  • Turning to the substance as a means of coping with challenges.
  • Requiring increased and more frequent doses to achieve the same high.
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when doses are missed or reduced.

Common drug addictions include dependency on:

  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • Opioids
  • Methadone
  • Muscle relaxants

Of course, these are only some of the more common substances that people can find themselves addicted to. Addiction can strain relationships and lead to financial instability and even legal troubles. Employment opportunities can suffer, and many people who struggle with drug addiction notice their quality of life decreases.


What Are My Treatment Options?

Many people with addiction undergo in-patient rehab, in which they admit themselves into a treatment center where they can receive support in their recovery 24/7. However, this option can be too disruptive and restrictive for some. 

Another option is outpatient care. With this method, patients can maintain some level of normalcy and have more freedom, attending a treatment center but living at home. They undergo fewer hours of treatment per week, and it occurs during the day. 

Another effective treatment option is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). This type of treatment addresses issues like depression, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, eating disorders, and severe mental illnesses. Research shows that CBT improves overall quality of life, and CBT has been shown to be equally effective as other forms of psychological therapy.


Benefits of Drug Treatment

Clients who complete our programs stand to gain a new lease on life. Many of the personal and professional problems that result from drug addiction can be reversed, leading to a quality of life that many of our clients may not have believed was even attainable. Common benefits include:

  • Sobriety: Completing drug rehab significantly increases the chances of maintaining sobriety.
  • Improved physical health: Many drug-related health problems can be mitigated by undergoing drug rehab. 
  • Mental health stability: By addressing underlying mental health issues, clients can better manage their mental health.
  • Better coping skills: Fostering healthier ways to cope with stress and cravings leads to better coping skills. 
  • Rebuilding relationships: Rehab provides opportunities to rebuild trust with loved ones.


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Long Do Drug Treatments Last?

A: The duration of your drug treatment depends on the severity of your addiction, individual progress, and which treatment options you pursue. Short-term programs focused on detoxification and stabilization could achieve their aims within a few weeks. More comprehensive treatments could require several months or longer to complete. 


Q: Do I Have to Check Myself into Drug Treatments?

A: Pomarri’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) delivers intensive services while avoiding the need to reside on-site. This allows our clients to avoid missing work, family, or school commitments. IOP is tailored to those combating drug or alcohol abuse. The program facilitates recovery within a real-world context.


Q: What Happens If I Relapse?

A: Relapse is nothing to be ashamed of. The path to recovery is often fraught with setbacks. Each treatment program is designed to minimize the risk of relapse by teaching coping and life skills that address some of the root causes of addiction. Beyond completing treatment programs, clients may have to make difficult changes to their social interactions to avoid repeating past mistakes. 


About Pomarri

If you are looking for a caring and compassionate team of mental health professionals, the team at Pomarri is here to help. Our services can help clients at every stage of their recovery journey, from initial detoxification to cognitive behavioral therapy and life skills coaching. 

Common treatment modalities we offer include:

  • Coaching
  • Family systems
  • Life skills
  • Healthy boundaries and codependency
  • Positive Psychology

Our Salt Lake City location offers detoxification treatments for:

  • Heroin
  • Methadone
  • Opiates
  • Cocaine
  • Methamphetamines
  • Amphetamines

Pomarri offers a wide range of treatment options that are tailored to the needs of individual clients. Pomarri’s Intensive Outpatient Program allows clients to continue their personal and professional routines while undergoing treatment at our office. Our day treatment program offers an alternative to in-patient substance abuse treatment. Under the close supervision of medical staff, clients can detox while having any health issues addressed. 

We can assist you or a loved one by creating a customized plan to overcome addiction. We understand that every client comes with unique backgrounds and needs. We are particularly proud of our track record of success. Every testimonial from a former client is an uplifting reminder about the importance of the work we do. 

We offer more than treatments because addiction can require a lifetime of focused awareness of possible triggers for relapse. To that end, we offer ongoing classes and resources so our clients know they have a safe and welcoming space they can rely on. We welcome you to contact our team so we can begin customizing a treatment plan that meets your needs and goals. 


About Salt Lake City

Our state capital is nestled against the stunning backdrop of the Wasatch Mountain Range. 

The city’s downtown area is always bustling. Locals and visitors alike flock to historic buildings, shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions. The Salt Lake Temple reflects the city’s rich religious history. Nearby, the Wasatch Mountains offer skiing and snowboarding options in the winter and unsurpassed hiking options in the summer. 

Salt Lake City was founded in 1847 by a group of pioneers led by Brigham Young. Before the city’s founding, Ute and Shoshone native americans inhabited the region. 

Salt Lake City’s population is around 200,000 people, but Salt Lake County’s population is much higher, at over 1 million. At 4,330 feet, the city is located at a much higher elevation than most places in the country, and visitors often find it difficult to get accustomed to. Higher elevation can cause hikers, runners, and bikers to lose their breath more easily, and it can also impact intoxication levels.

In the winter, Salt Lake City’s climate is cold and snowy, while summers tend to be hot and dry. The weather can change quickly, so locals know that wearing layers is crucial.

The sublime beauty of Utah can offer comfort and solace for those struggling with addiction. Time outdoors in and around Salt Lake City offers a wonderful opportunity for our clients to reflect on their current state as well as their future.

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