How Do You Define Yourself?

How Do You Define Yourself?

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“Be careful what you say about yourself because your mind can hear you.” -Crystal Heer

How we label and define ourselves is very important. We tend to act a certain way based on these labels and definitions. For example, if you define yourself as an addict, anxious, or lazy you will act accordingly. A better way to describe these things is to say “I struggle with or I am fighting addiction, anxiety, or laziness. But don’t let any of those things define who you are. You are in charge of what defines you and it doesn’t have to be anything you don’t like. Remember that whatever you say about yourself, your mind will hear and act on, so be careful how you choose to label and define yourself.

I know that this blog is short with few words, but that is because I believe that this video says more than I ever could. This Ted Talk discusses how you can change how you define yourself no matter what your circumstance. How do you define yourself? | Lizzie Velasquez | TEDx

Please watch and feel free to share you thoughts. Stay Strong!!

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