Maternal Drug Abuse

Maternal Drug Abuse

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While drug abuse is slowly rising in our nation we also see increase with maternal drug abuse which leads to harmful effects of an unborn baby.

The use of opiates while pregnancy causes withdrawal symptoms called


It is estimated that every 25 minutes a baby is born with this syndrome and causes the baby incredible pain and discomfort during the first weeks of their lives.

It can also be responsible for miscarriage and premature birth infants and will most likely have respiratory issues and heart problems.

If you are pregnant or soon to be pregnant you need to talk to your health care provider so they can monitor you and baby closely to safely ween from the drug. It is important that you disclose this vital information to your provider so they can best help you grow your family safely.

If you have an addiction to opiates while pregnant it is also recommended to attend counseling and support groups with people in your area so that you can talk to understanding individuals and help get you through your pregnancy in a safe and healthy way.

It is never too late to find the treatment that you need for you and your baby. If you have a loved one that you are concerned about their abuse, talk to them about the options for treatment.

Call Pomarri to schedule a consult and attend our classes and support groups to help you in the right direction for your new family.

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